30 years of St. Paul Podcast

Jehan from The Music Snobs join Ivan Orr and I to discuss why more people (even hardcore Prince fans) don’t ever talk about St. Paul, the timeless eponymous classic, for its 30th anniversary! This album isn’t even available on iTunes, but it definitely merits high praise and repeat listenings. Towards the middle of our vibrant discussion, we take somewhat of a slight detour as we talk about 80’s music, the US adult contemporary scene (the AC), and the contemporary UK music scene as we connect the ideas of scenes and genres back to St. Paul.

All this time, I’ve been erroneously thinking that you absolutely need at least four people for a stellar roundtable discussion, but this podcast dispels that limitation. Three is more than enough if the conversation is focused on the music.

In this podcast, we REALLY talk about 80s music (in general), the AC, and the contemporary UK music scene, while also breaking down most of the St. Paul tracks musically in detail.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed crafting the edit and mix with love and care. If you’re interested in the DJ mixes (by yours truly) that are referenced in the podcast. You can find them here:

JOE SAMPLE Sampled, Covered, and Original Mix (No Turn Unstoned #251)

fDELUXE AKA The Family (No Turn Unstoned #171)

I look forward to a continued discussion about this lost classic on social media. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us @polishedsolid @jehansdream & @iorr03

One thought on “30 years of St. Paul Podcast

  1. I continue to be amazed and inspired by the breadth of knowledge you all bring to these podcasts. Feels like I’m back in college studying Art History…all the references, connections and samples…woven beautifully together to create a deeper understanding of the music/album under discussion. I can’t get enough and I want to listen to it all. GFM is not only an enjoyable listen…it’s intellectually stimulating….WOW!
    When De Angela said that she hadn’t listened to anyone but Prince for 10 years, I was so happy. Not a day has passed in the last year that I have not listened to Prince…and no one I know “gets it” or wants to.

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