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The top 10 albums of 2009 / Listen to the show!

  1. silkie

    Silkie’s City Limits Vol. 1
    (Deep Medi Musik)
    This was a no brainer. There is not a filler track on this album. And this guy has found a way to bring back what was once great about drum ‘n bass, the sonic, lush keyboard bed, within the dub step genre. I was floored when I first heard this, and I continue to be upon repeat listenings. Silkie is my new man 😉

  2. jon hassell

    Jon Hassell’s Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street(ECM Records)
    This album is my private sanctuary. It literally kept me sane throughout last year and I continue to play it on an almost daily basis. I did not play any songs off of this in the mix because I could not. It is whole and complete as it is. It is a total album listening experience. Don’t sleep on this one!

  3. we_hear_you

    Luke Vibert’s We Hear You
    (Planet Mu)
    No explanation needed. Luke Vibert is THE MAN, and will always be. He rocks more prolifically than anybody else!!

  4. hudson_mohawke

    Hudson Mohawke’s Butter
    Hudson Mohawke is as refreshing as a cool drink. This guy is insanely talented, and that he brings vocalist Olivier Day Soul along for the ride is icing on the cake.

  5. sa_ra

    Sa-Ra’s Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love
    (Ubiquity Records)
    This album is so multi-textured and multi-layered that you will get years of listening pleasure out of it, as you discover new sonic discoveries every time you listen to it.

  6. shafiq

    Shafiq’s En’a-Free-Ka
    (Plug Research)
    One third of Sa-Ra holding it down by himself beautifully with lots of amazing guests such as Bilal and Jimetta Rose (watch out for her / an amazing vocalist).

  7. robert_glasper

    Robert Glasper’s Double Booked
    (Blue Note Records)
    Jazz is alive and well! Thanks to Robert Glasper. Chris Dave on the drums is absolutely stunning, and Robert’s piano playing is about as good as you can get with his deft arrangements. I’ve seen Bilal perform All Matter live several times, and, every time I saw him perform it, I got madder and madder because I didn’t think it would ever get released, but to my surprise I was happy to find it on Robert’s album;) There is a God!

  8. jamie_foxx

    Jamie Foxx’s Intuition
    (J Records)
    Yeah, that’s right! This record has really great production, and Jamie Foxx’s vocals never disappoint. I just wish there was an alternative auto-tune free version.

  9. rhythm

    Luke Vibert’s Rhythm
    (Sound of Speed)
    Luke Vibert. ‘Nuff Said. Really 😉

  10. mayer_hawthorne

    Mayer Hawthorne’s A Strange Arrangement
    (Stones Throw)
    This is a very strong album conceptually and sonically. It is also my favorite album cover of the year.

The Best EP

  • suite_for_ma_dukes

    Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Suite For Ma Dukes
    Even though this is a 4-song ep, it rivals any album on this list. Words cheapen the description of this exquisite tribute to the late, great J Dilla, beautifully arranged with luscious strings. The album cover is a photo from Jay Dee’s funeral procession. I love the detail of the heart in the clouds.

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