30 Years of Prince’s Sign O’ The Times Pt. 2 Podcast

Continuing to celebrate 30 yrs of SOTT in part 2 of our special 2 part series, our conversation resumes about Prince’s Sign O’ The Times with myself, Ivan Orr & Ricky Wyatt (both of Grown Folks Music) and Arthur Turnbull & Jehan (both of The Music Snobs and Arthur also of Entry Points). We had such long debates about SOTT, alongside a momentary sidebar about funk and soul bands vs. solo artists, that we could have continued to talk after the 4 hours we did. So much so, that I had to split our conversation into two separate podcasts. I hope you enjoy this part 2 of our conversation. We don’t often agree in part two so be prepared for opposing views.

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You’ll also find a lot of additional information and supporting media in my first post on Medium, Color Me Peach & Black. I thought I’d do something different and new to promote the podcast and continue my celebration of Prince’s life and legacy.

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