Eyeo 2016 Ignite! – De Angela Duff from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

You can witness DJ Polished Solid’s passion for Record Collecting, Wrecka Stows & Prince by viewing this IGNITE talk from EYEO 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.


At a very early age, dj polished solid’s uncles exposed her to a wide range of music. On any given day, they would play anything from edgar winter to yes to parliament / funkadelic to slave to lynyrd skynyrd. Today this is known as “genre hopping.” Since 2005, DJ Polished Solid has been genre-hopping on her an online radio show, No Turn Unstoned, broadcasted LIVE over the internet at mixlr.com.

DJ polished solid also produces, guests, and edits the Prince or Prince-related and occasional non-Prince related Inside The Album Podcasts at Grown Folks Music.

To contact dj polished solid directly, email deangela (at) gmail.com or direct message or follow polishedsolid on Twitter.


Based around a specific theme for every mix since 2005, the format of no turn unstoned is just darn good music of ANY genre sequenced eclectically. The usual suspects are electronica, hip-hop, house, rock, soul, dubstep, drum ‘n bass, jazz, reggae, blues, pop, and a little bit of country now and then. (no opera, though:)

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You can find current no turn unstoned archives here:

She used to broadcast on the following sites, but they have shut down for various reasons:

  • RIP, Percussion Lab!
  • RIP, Samurai.fm!
  • RIP, MixCrate!
  • RIP, radiozerogravity.net!

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