LISA Coleman (No Turn Unstoned #274)

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A special mix crafted with love and care for a very special lady for her upcoming birthday on August 17th! Thank you, Lisa, for your significant contributions to MUSIC!

This mix contains songs where Lisa is singing lead primarily or background vocals. Please note there are a couple of snippets of Wendy singing lead in this mix. I am aware. I’m also aware that Jill Jones often doubled background vocals with Lisa on some Prince songs so sometimes Jill’s voice comes through louder in certain parts.

Computer Blue – Prince & The Revolution
Gods and Ghosts – Lisa Coleman
I’ve Got No Strings – Girl Bros.
Automatic – Prince
Rainbow Lake – Wendy & Lisa
Irresistible Bitch – Prince
From Now On (We Are One) – Wendy and Lisa
Ever After – Wendy & Lisa
1999 – Prince
Head – Prince
The Stick – The Time
Controversy – Prince
Chance To Grow – Wendy and Lisa
Uh Oh, Don’t Look Down – Girl Bros.
Eric’s Ghost – Lisa Coleman
Macroni – Lisa Coleman
The Dance Electric – Andre Cymone
Let’s Say – Girl Bros.
Everyday – Wendy and Lisa
Light Warped – Wendy and Lisa
Pop Life – Prince
I’ve Got A Big Bowl Of Cherries – Girl Bros.
All I Wonder / Anyway – Girl Bros.
So? – Wendy & Lisa
Don’t Try to Tell Me – Wendy & Lisa
Anthem – Lisa Coleman
Power Fantastic – Prince
Water to the Wave – Wendy & Lisa
Balloon (The Battle Tapes Remix) – Wendy & Lisa
C-Ya – Lisa Coleman
Love & Trouble – Girl Bros.
Balloon – Wendy & Lisa
Sweet Suite (Beginning At The End) – Wendy & Lisa
Minneapolis #1 – Lisa Coleman

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