Polished Solid speaks at Black Portraiture[s]: V

Polished Solid presented, Denise Matthews: More Than a Nasty Girl on The Sonic 15th Century to Today: Music and Influences panel, at the Black Portraitures[V] conference on Oct 17–19, 2019 at NYU.

Abstract: Denise Matthews was photographed profusely over her lifetime as a beauty queen, model, actress, and singer. However, after Prince rechristened Denise as Vanity, her image as a “Nasty Girl” transformed her identity and narrative. She will be forever known and seen as Vanity, despite being more than a “nasty girl.” In this talk, the evolution of Denise/Vanity will be revealed and deconstructed by showing how the photographic gaze shifted her narrative for better or for worse.

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