Purple Rain Deluxe Podcast with Duane Tudahl & Miss TLC.

Is the water warm enough? Find out by listening to the latest episode of Inside The Album podcast for Purple Rain Deluxe.

We are extremely honored to have two new, amazing guests join me & Ivan Orr on this episode: Duane Tudahl, the author of Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983 and 1984, and Miss TLC, the creator of Princeversaries on Twitter.

Our discussion lasted almost 6 hours so we decided to split the conversation into two separate episodes and also two separate podcast series.However, keep in mind, that both episodes and shows will be from the same conversation; so, we’re hoping you’ll be on the lookout for part two of the conversation as well when it is released.

In this episode, part one of our two-part conversation, we will primarily discuss Purple Rain Deluxe but we will also discuss Duane’s upcoming book, Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983 and 1984, which will be released on November 15th. We will release part two of the conversation for our next podcast release and the launch of our inaugural Behind The Book podcast series following the inaugural release of our Behind The Film podcast series with Jerome Benton for Under The Cherry Moon.

If you prefer, you can also listen to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

To hear part 2 of the conversation, visit:

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