20 years of Prince’s Emancipation Podcast

I had the privilege of recording and editing my 6th and final Grown Folks Music podcast for 2016! (I look forward to many more next year.) This year marked the 20th anniversary of Prince’s Emancipation. I couldn’t let this year pass without giving reverence to it in my own way because of its importance to Prince particularly, even though personally it’s far from one of my favorites. Arthur Turnbull & I are critical of it in this podcast, but we do so only out of ♥ and respect for Prince. Luckily, Ivan Orr provided balance. While we were recording this one, I was thinking maybe we shouldn’t post this one after all. However, after editing it and listening intently, I think it is the best one we did this year because it was more than just a lovefest. The one thing that is missing sorely though is Ricky Wyatt! We really missed you on this one, Ricky!

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