dj polished solid speaks at EYEO 2016 in MPLS the day before Prince’s bday

Eyeo 2016 Ignite! – De Angela Duff from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

I had the privilege and honor of giving an ignite talk about Record Collecting, Wrecka Stows & Prince at EYEO 2016 in MPLS the day before Prince’s birthday. This was a big deal to me for obvious reasons. I was a little TOO excited, but I hope you will understand why if you choose to watch it. Due to the ignite format, it’s less than 6 minutes so I was also racing against the clock.

If you don’t know, the ignite talk format has a specific number of slides (20) and automatically advances them (15 seconds each). So I was trying to make sure I remembered everything I wanted to say under these stressful conditions. Easier said than done, even though I practiced, practiced, practiced!

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