No Turn Unstoned #139: Lady T (Teena Marie)

Teena Marie (March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010) There will never be another; There can be only one!

Usually, when I do tribute sets, I like to focus on covers and remixes of the artist by other artists. However, with Teena, I could NOT do this. You’ll only hear Teena’s originals in this mix. Her voice is like no other.

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  • Someday We’ll All Be Free (Live) – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • Yes Indeed – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • Sunny Skies – Teena Marie – Emerald City [Epic]
  • If I Were A Bell – Teena Marie – Ivory [Epic]
  • Fire And Desire (Duet With Teena Marie) – Rick James – Street Songs (Deluxe Edition) [Motown]
  • Deja Vu (I’ve Been Here Before) (Live) – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • Batucadia Suite – Teena Marie – Emerald City [Epic]
  • I’m Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat It Too) – Teena Marie – Wild And Peaceful [Motown]
  • Where’s California – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • Cassanova Brown – Teena Marie – Robbery (Expanded Edition) [Epic]
  • Portuguese Love – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • The Way You Love Me – Teena Marie – Sapphire [Cash Money]
  • Baby I’m Your Fiend – Teena Marie – La Dona [Cash Money]
  • Ooo Wee – Teena Marie – Sapphire [Cash Money]
  • Sleeping With The Enemy – Teena Marie – Sapphire [Cash Money]
  • Out On Limb – Teena Marie – Starchild [Epic]
  • Harlem Blues – Teena Marie – Congo Square [Stax]
  • We’ve Got To Stop (Meeting Like This) – Teena Marie – Starchild [Epic]
  • Honey Call – Teena Marie – La Dona [Cash Money]
  • Why Can’t I Get Next to You – Teena Marie – Lady T [Motown]
  • Shangri-La [Album Version] – Teena Marie – Emerald City [Epic]
  • My Dear Mr. Gaye – Teena Marie – Starchild [Epic]
  • Make It Hot – Teena Marie – Sapphire [Motown]
  • Ooo La La La – Teena Marie – Naked To The World [Epic]
  • Lips To Find You – Teena Marie – Emerald City [Epic]
  • Jammin – Teena Marie – Starchild [Epic]
  • Lovergirl – Teena Marie – Starchild [Epic]
  • Emerald City – Teena Marie – Emerald City [Epic]
  • Square Biz – Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic [Motown]
  • You Make Love Like Springtime – Teena Marie – Irons In The Fire [Motown]
  • I’m A Sucker For Love Feat. Teena Marie – Rick James – Street Songs (Deluxe Edition) [Motown]

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