No Turn Unstoned #120: You Know I Love You More, When You’re COLD & HEARTless!

This set is dedicated to the character Eric Northman on True Blood.

I can’t bleed forever. Oh, these stains will never come clean.

– Shades of Day

Say it isn’t so! I hope they did not kill off my favorite character on True Blood. There hasn’t been a character as close to Ayn Rand’s Howard Roarke since Queer as folk’s Brian Kinney.

More rock (post, indie, rockabilly, death metal, etc.) and blues than usual for No Turn Unstoned in a single set, but we love all genres of music.

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  • Cold Heart – The Growers – To the Threads [CD Baby]
  • Cold Heart Dead – Shades of Day – MAYDAY! [CD Baby]
  • Cold-Hearted Man – Pat Moore And The Vinyl Frontier – Take It To Heart [CD Baby]
  • You’re Heart Is So Cold – Original – Geater Davis – Geater Davis Selected Hits [Charly Records]
  • Cold Heart Forged in Hell – Anata – The Conductor’s Departure [Wicked World]
  • Cold Heart (Deep Version) – Max Freegrant & Hakan Ludvigson – Cold Heart [System Recordings]
  • Cold Heart (Original Mix) – Max Freegrant & Hakan Ludvigson – Cold Heart [System Recordings]
  • Cold Heart Lies – Copshow – Episode One [Elux Records]
  • A Warm Kiss And A Cold Heart – The Joe Mooney Quartet – Do You Long For Oolong? [HEP Records]
  • Warm Hands, Cold Heart – Girls Names – Girls Names EP [Captured Tracks]
  • Cold Heart – No More Silence – Through My Eyes [No More Silence]
  • Cold, Cold Heart – The Mighty Lemon Drops – Sound…Goodbye To Your Standards [Wounded Bird Records]
  • Cold Heart – Luis Resto – Combo De Momento [Orchide Resto]
  • Cold Cold Heart – Americans In France – Pretzelvania [Odessa Records]
  • Cold, Cold Heart – The Fontane Sisters – The Very Best Of [Master Classics Records]
  • Cold, Cold Heart – Aretha Franklin – Unforgettable: A Tribute To Dinah Washington [Sony]
  • Cold Cold Heart – Leila Florentino – Sail [CD Baby]
  • Cold Heart – The Sharks – Bitch Attack [Western Star]
  • Cold Heart Operations – Erthtonez – No Such Thing As Ghosts [Swank Logic]
  • cold heart – Martin Schulte – On the moon [swank ]
  • cold heart (Marko fuerstenberg remix) – Martin Schulte – On the moon [Sinergy-Networks]
  • Cold Heart – Smith Productions – Royalty Free Documentary, Film and Television Jazz Music [CD Baby]
  • Cold Heart – Flash Callahan – Do You Know the Truth EP [Jalapeno Records]
  • Cold Heart (pep gaya remix) – Martin Schulte – On the moon [Sinergy-Networks]
  • Black Cold Heart – Tokyo Sex Destruction – Black Noise Is the New Sound! [BCore Disc]
  • Cold Blooded Lover – W.C. Clark – Deep In The Heart [Alligator Records]
  • Cold Heart Remix – Terminal 11 – Mochipet: Feel My China I, Volume One [Daly City Records]
  • Beat Of A Cold Heart – Andre Holland – City Of Fear [Underground Resistance]

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