No Turn Unstoned #83: FLOWERS for Bradford

This set is dedicated to BRADFORD C. BASTIAN (1983-2008).
May you rest in peace, and hear music wherever you are.

Did I miss a great song about FLOWERS? If so let me know in the comments, and I’ll consider it for a part two show for this theme. Unfortunately, I gotta moderate the comments before posting to the site because of the spam spiders. I do get all of the comments, however.

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  • Balcón Sin Flores (Balcony without flowers) :: 3:02 :: Savath & Savalas :: Apropa’t (Warp)

    Warp Records gives you an awesome musical journey!! And Zach Gunsel rocks.

  • These Flowers :: 3:36 :: A Cloud Mireya :: Singular (Eastern Developments)
  • Flower Called Nowhere :: 4:55 :: Stereolab :: Dots And Loops (Elektra)
  • Equipatge De Flors Seques :: 7:36 :: Savath & Savalas :: Mañana (Warp)
  • Flowers For Zoe :: 8:27 :: Platinum Pied Pipers :: Triple P (Ubiquity)
  • Flowers :: 2:30 :: Dudley Perkins :: A Lil’ Light (Stones Throw)
  • Little Sunflower :: 9:04 :: Freddie Hubbard :: INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson (Sony)
  • Black Flowers :: 5:47 :: Fishbone :: Give a Monkey a Brain . . . (Columbia)
  • Mean Flower :: 4:51 :: Joe Henry :: Scar (Mammmoth)
  • Elephants & Flowers :: 3:54 :: Prince :: Graffiti Bridge (Paisley Park)
  • Flower Of My Fears :: 2:02 :: Vanessa Daou :: Plutonium Glow (Almo)
  • Golden Flower featuring Omar :: 4:59 :: Galliano :: A Joyful Noise Unto The Creator (Talkin’ Loud)
  • Flowers :: 2:59 :: Cibo Matto :: Stereo Type A (Warner Bros.)
  • Dead Flowers :: 5:55 :: Rinôçérôse :: Music Kills Me (V2 Records)
  • Fold Or Flower (Featuring Veba) :: 3:54 :: Mark Rae :: Rae Road (Grand Central)
  • Sugar Flower :: 3:32 :: Take :: The Dirty Decibels of Thomas Two Thousand (EAT Concrete)

    I’d like to extend a special thank you to EAT Concrete!

  • Electric Wire Hustler Flower (Featuring Sunny Of P.O.D.) :: 5:55 :: Common :: Electric Circus (MCA Records)
  • Sunflower :: 4:11 :: Paul Weller :: Modern Classics (Columbia)
  • Night Flower :: 6:02 :: Lonnie Liston Smith :: Exotic Mysteries (Columbia)
  • Sunflowers :: 9:59 :: Wynton Marsalis Septet :: The Marciac Suite (Columbia)
  • Soul Flower (1970) :: 4:21 :: Quincy Jones :: In The Heat Of The Night / They Call Me Mr. Tibbs! (Rykodisc)
  • A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing :: 3:56 :: Rahsaan Roland Kirk :: Left & Right (32 Jazz)
  • Flowers Aren’t IV Picking :: 6:38 :: Outside :: The Rough And The Smooth (Blue Thumb)
  • Elegant Flower (LP Version) :: 4:44 :: Cyrus Chestnut :: Cyrus Chestnut (Atlantic)

5 thoughts on “No Turn Unstoned #83: FLOWERS for Bradford

  1. I come here and listen to this over and over and over again. He is with all of you and this is a beautiful tribute to my beautiful son who is missed beyond the depths of any heart. He flys free now and smiles with ALL of beauty that UArts brings to this wonderful city! Thank you! Thank you for this incredible selection of music! He is loving it today and every single day!

  2. Ms. Flanagan,

    Bradford is still sorely missed. Tears come to my eyes as I type this. He was a beautiful soul. I’m so happy that our paths crossed.

    You have no idea how much your comment means to me. I am so happy that you appreciate the show. I did it out of love. Thanks so much!

  3. Thank you so much for this site. I stumbled upon it tonight. I think about Brad and miss him everyday. I have a playlist on my ipod dedicated to him that I constantly listen and add to. It includes songs that were important to us, songs that remind me of him and songs that I think he would love if he were around today. I want to add this to my playlist so I can listen to it and continue to hold him in my heart. Thank you so much.

    ~Vanessa (a.k.a. Butterfly)

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