No Turn Unstoned 51: COLD Outside

Hi All,

No Turn Unstoned’s 2nd annual holiday set contains songs related to the cold; tonight from 8-10pm EST LIVE at UArts Radio!

No more quicktime streaming so if you were having problems in the past (particularly the PCs). You can now access the stream via iTunes or any other mp3 stream player of your choice.

Note the new day, Mondays, but same time, 8-10pm!

Spread the word and tune in, stop by, and chat if you can!

Our chat access is a bit wonky right now, but you can access it directly here:

For those of you who don’t know, the format of “No Turn Unstoned” is just darn good music of ANY genre sequenced eclectically. The usual suspects are Rock, Soul, Drum ‘N Bass, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, House, Reggae, Blues, Pop, and a little bit of Country now and then. (No Opera, though:)

You can find the archives here:

Last week’s playlist contained songs about tears. I’ll have the streaming archive and playlist up shortly. Sorry for slacking; The end of the semester is killing me 🙂

To tide you over, however, I finally put up the streaming archive of the awake show.

This will be the last show of the semester. Hopefully, you’ll tune in again in the New Year!

Happy Holidays,
De Angela (DJ Polished Solid)

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