Polished Solid Organizes Prince #DM40GB30 Virtual Symposium

The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson is not affiliated, associated or connected with the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium,’ nor has it endorsed or sponsored the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium.’ Further, the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson has not licensed any of its intellectual property to the producers, advertisers or directors of the ‘Prince DM40GB30 Symposium.’

#DM40GB30 was a 3-day virtual symposium, celebrating Prince for 40 yrs of Dirty Mind & 30 yrs of Graffiti Bridge, on June 12, 13, & 14, 2020 that Polished Solid curated and co-produced!

She was so looking forward to the Prince #DM40GB30 Symposium in April. Then, COVID-19 happened and she had to postpone the original event, eventually pivoting to a virtual symposium online using the Hopin platform.

We had 1,200 people register on the Hopin platform from 16 countries: US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Peru, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Italy, and Ireland. We also had international speakers from the UK, the Netherlands, and Scotland. There was a steady state of 300 to 400 people at ALL times over the course of 3 days for approximately 8-9 hours per day.

You can find a recap of the schedule, alongside speaker bios & abstracts on the symposium website at http://bit.ly/DM40GB30.

While it won’t be the same experience without the communal Hopin platform, video archives are in the process of being posted within the #DM40GB30 playlist. Subscribe to De Angela’s YouTube channel to get notified as more video archives are posted.