Eyeo 2016 Ignite! – De Angela Duff from Eyeo Festival // INSTINT on Vimeo.

You can witness DJ Polished Solid’s passion for Record Collecting, Wrecka Stows & Prince by viewing this IGNITE talk from EYEO 2016 in Minneapolis, MN.


At a very early age, DJ Polished Solid’s uncles exposed her to a wide range of music. On any given day, they would play anything from edgar winter to yes to parliament / funkadelic to slave to lynyrd skynyrd. Today this is known as “genre hopping.”

Since 2005, DJ Polished Solid has been genre-hopping on her an online radio show, No Turn Unstoned. Since 2016, DJ Polished Solid has put No Turn Unstoned on the backburner to concentrate on her love of organizing music symposia and producing podcasts. However, she continues to post mixes for No Turn Unstoned on special occasions.

She has curated the following symposia since 2017:

She produces, engineers, and co-hosts, the Prince & Prince-related podcasts for Grown Folks Music’s Inside The Album. She also produces, engineers, and co-hosts podcasts for Grown Folks Music’s Behind The Film and Behind The Book podcasts.

To contact DJ Polished Solid directly, email deangela (at) gmail.com or direct message or follow polishedsolid on Twitter.


On the podcasts, Prince, the musician, actor, and composer is discussed, as well as all of his side projects as a producer. Prince as entrepreneur, philanthropist, innovator, and cultural icon is also discussed. DJ Polished Solid only produces, engineers, and co-hosts the Prince & Prince-related podcasts for Grown Folks Music. She does not participate in the other Inside The Album podcasts at Grown Folks Music.

You can find the podcasts on:


Based around a specific theme for every mix since 2005, the format of no turn unstoned is just darn good music of ANY genre sequenced eclectically. The usual suspects are electronica, hip-hop, house, rock, soul, dubstep, drum ‘n bass, jazz, reggae, blues, pop, and a little bit of country now and then. (no opera, though:)

Join no turn unstoned‘s group on Facebook or follow her on mixlr.com.

You can find current no turn unstoned archives here:

She used to broadcast on the following sites, but they have shut down for various reasons:

  • RIP, Play.fm!
  • RIP, Percussion Lab!
  • RIP, Samurai.fm!
  • RIP, MixCrate!
  • RIP, radiozerogravity.net!

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