Polished Solid organizes EYE NO Prince Lovesexy Symposium

The Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson is not affiliated, associated or connected with the ‘Prince Lovesexy Symposium,’ nor has it endorsed or sponsored ‘The Prince Lovesexy Symposium.’ Further, the Estate of Prince Rogers Nelson has not licensed any of its intellectual property to the producers, advertisers or directors of ‘The Prince Lovesexy Symposium.’

To celebrate 30 years of Lovesexy and Prince’s 60th birthday, I organized and curated the EYE NO: Prince Lovesexy Symposium  at NYU Tandon Pfizer Auditorium in Brooklyn. On Friday, June 1, 2018, the symposium kicked off with an opening keynote featuring Cat Glover, Prince’s principal dancer on the Lovesexy Tour, Dr. Fink of Prince and The Revolution, who was one of Prince’s keyboardist during the Lovesexy tour and Ingrid Chavez, poet and actress, who opens the Lovesexy album and a screening, as well as special guests Joe Blaney and Chuck Zwicky, two sound engineers who worked with Prince during this period. A full-day of 4 panels followed on Saturday, June 2nd with a closing keynote with Prince’s cousin, Chazz Smith. 

For more detailed info about the symposium and video archives, visit http://lovesexy.polishedsolid.com.

Here are all the current, available video archives of the EYE NO Prince Lovesexy Symposium.

OPENING Keynote from Day 1:
feat. Cat Glover (Thank YOU, Hayley Drinkall) Dr. Fink of The Revolution, Ingrid Chavez, Chuck Zwicky & Joe Blaney

The SPIRITUALITY panel from Day 2:
feat. Erica Thompson, Steven G Fullwood, Arun Saldanha & Fredara Mareva Hadley

The STYLE panel from Day 2:
feat. Kirsty Fairclough, Mike Alleyne, Aisha Khalilah Staggers, Monique Wakanda Morris & Kamilah Cummings

Part 1 of the STUDIO & LIVE panel from Day 2:
feat. Adam Reid Sexton & Tasha Digital

Part 2 of the STUDIO & LIVE panel from Day 2:
EDITED feat. Harold Pride

UNEDITED feat. Harold Pride

Part 3 of the Studio & Live panel
P3 EDITED feat. Arthur Turnbull

P3 UNEDITED feat. Arthur Turnbull

The SOTT30BK reunited panel
feat. Zaheer Ali, Anil Dash, Miles Marshall Lewis & Elliott Powell)

The Closing Keynote
feat. Charles ‘Chazz’ Smith