30 years of Jill Jones Podcast

Released 30 years ago on May 27, 1987, Jill Jones’ eponymous debut has withstood the test of time as the best side project that Prince has ever produced. However, this is moreso a testament to Jill herself, her amazing voice, and her musical partnership with Prince. Jill was Prince’s secret weapon during the most critical time of his career and was the glue that held a many Prince recordings together. Jill was always there, literally on a gazillion recordings; sometimes in front but often behind the scenes. That’s why it pains me that her contributions to Prince’s legacy is rarely discussed and this has just been exacerbated by her absence on the credits of the Purple Rain Deluxe release. So, we thought we’d give Jill her due and spotlight her amazing debut and Jill herself in the way she deserves to be recognized. I hope you’ll join me, Ivan Orr, regular and esteemed guest Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs and Entry Points, as well as Rhonda Nicole, who interviewed Jill in Feb 2016, on her GFM Inside The Album podcast debut in celebrating one of the best albums ever recorded. Ever. Yes, ever!

2 thoughts on “30 years of Jill Jones Podcast

  1. Ok – I’m ashamed. I knew practically nothing about Jill Jones before listening to this podcast, so I love, love, love that you play samples of every track you mention. It’s immensely informative and I’m so grateful. You’ve opened up a whole new world for me. I most likely can find downloads / streams of some of Jill’s recordings, but after listening to you’re (all of you) enthusiasm for Jill Jones debut album, it’s a “must have”. The search is on…. Thank you all.

  2. I have her original debut lp and it got lost BUT what i did was i put all my records on cd so i was able to save it and still listen to it til this day #eyesofvioletblue

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