30 years of Jesse Johnsons’ Shockadelica

I produced, edited, and guested on this episode of Grown Folks Music’s Inside the Album podcast. I must say that I had a ball recording (but it was a rollercoaster of love and hate editing) my latest (and 5th and Prince-related, duh!) Grown Folks Music’s Inside the Music Podcast for the 30th anniversary of Jesse’s Johnson’s Shockadelica alongside some amazing people I’m honored to call my music (which means dear in my world) friends Ivan Orr Ricky Wyatt & Arthur Turnbull of The Music Snobs and Entry Points. We all had been waiting to record this one since March since the album didn’t come out until October of 1986.

This album right here… Man! The world needs more funk NOW. The funk is disappearing. Please check out this podcast to understand and hear how powerful funk music can be.

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