20 yrs of Planet Mu: Best Songs Mix (No Turn Unstoned #265)

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Planet Mu has consistently been one of my favorite record labels, as many have fallen out of my favor by not continuing to put out amazing releases as Planet Mu has. Most notably they have been a huge supporter of Luke Vibert (one of may main musical men), releasing 3 full lenghth albums with the 4th, Bizarster, out on Oct. 16th. Planet Mu has also been very instrumental in helping to introduce juke / footwork (one of my favorite genres) to the masses.

I’d like to celebrate Planet Mu’s 20th anniversary by creating 2 special mixes. This will be the 1st pair of 2. This time around the focus will be the best songs from the Planet Mu catalog. The top 10 albums mix will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Support Planet Mu by purchasing their 20 years of Planet Mu Compilation or by purchasing one of the albums featured in this mix. Let’s make sure that Planet Mu can continue for another 20 years.

Top 5 Planet Mu Songs (that are not on my top 10 planet mu albums)

  • Punisher by Pinch (2006)
    I didn’t have to debate this at ALL. This is the BEST song that Planet MU has released EVER. After 9 years, this song still blows almost everything else away.
  • My Friends Will Always Say… by FaltyDL (2010)
    The Lauryn Hill sample is brilliant
  • Broken Dubstep by Benga (2007)
    No one can do LFO better
  • Solar by Oriol (2011)
    Lush Heaven
  • Einstein-Rosen Bridge by Venetian Snares (2003)
    Nobody but Venetian Snares could have created this song. How does he do it?

Top 5 Planet Mu Remixes

  • U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) by Machinedrum (2012)
    Again, didn’t have to think about this one either. The best remix of Machinedrum ever. Chrissy Murderbot brought D&B back with this one.
  • Muizenberg (Seiji Remix) by John Wizards (2013)
    Beautiful use of piano and pads.
  • Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) by Machinedrum (2012)
  • Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix) by FaltyDL (2005)
    For me, Luke Vibert is Acid. He has finally converted me. I like how he combines acid, dub, and hip-hop in this track as only he can do.
  • Twin Stars (Lone Remix) by The Solar Bears (2010)
    Lone always brings the dreamy!

Let me know your favorite Planet Mu tracks in the comments.

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In System Travel – Jamie Vex’d – [Planet Mu]
Asylum – Jlin – [Planet Mu]
Le Cimetière Des Éléphants – RA – [Planet Mu]
Electric Love – Leafcutter John – [Planet Mu]
Kiss My Arse (Instrumental) – Pritch & Trim – [Planet Mu]
Kiss My Arse – Pritch & Trim – [Planet Mu]
Coconut Coast (FaltyDL Remix) – Oriol – [Planet Mu]
Endeavour – FaltyDL – [Planet Mu]
Zabriskie Disco – Boxcutter – [Planet Mu]
Spc-ch-pn (µ-Ziq Remix) – Slag Boom Van Loon – [Planet Mu]
Your Smiling Face – Venetian Snares – [Planet Mu]
Muizenberg (The 2 Bears Remix) – John Wizards – [Planet Mu]
Cedric’s Sonnet – Ceephax Acid Crew – [Planet Mu]
Swet – Luke Vibert – [Planet Mu]
Brain Rave – Luke Vibert – [Planet Mu]
Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix) – FaltyDL – [Planet Mu]
Just a B.Side – Shitmat – [Planet Mu]
Muizenberg (Seiji Remix) – John Wizards – [Planet Mu]
My Friends Will Always Say… – FaltyDL – [Planet Mu]
Twin Stars (Lone Remix) – The Solar Bears – [Planet Mu]
Phreqaflex – FaltyDL – [Planet Mu]
Sugar – Raffertie – [Planet Mu]
Airmiles – Swindle – [Planet Mu]
E10 Riddim – Rossi B & Luca – [Planet Mu]
Comb 60S – Benga – [Planet Mu]
Punisher – Pinch – [Planet Mu]
Solar – Oriol – [Planet Mu]
Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) – Machinedrum – [Planet Mu]
Sky Painted On Car – Venetian Snares – [Planet Mu]
Broken Dubstep – Benga – [Planet Mu]
The End – Milanese – [Planet Mu]
Man I Do It – DJ Spinn – [Planet Mu]
Jiggle (de: get on the floor) – Chrissy Murderbot – [Planet Mu]
Ready Mother Fucka – DJ Diamond – [Planet Mu]
DJ Clent #1 – DJ Clent – [Planet Mu]
Bussin Down (ft. DJ Spinn) – Chrissy Murderbot – [Planet Mu]
Wouldn’t Get Far – Young Smoke – [Planet Mu]
Psycho War – Young Smoke – [Planet Mu]
Mosh Pit – DJ Trouble – [Planet Mu]
Ball’em Up – DJ Clent – [Planet Mu]
Compute Funk – Traxman – [Planet Mu]
Flycatcha (feat. Body Language) – Machinedrum – [Planet Mu]
Fantastix – Machinedrum – [Planet Mu]
I Really Feel – DJ Spinn – [Planet Mu]
Jupiter Ascent – iTAL tEK – [Planet Mu]
U Don’t Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) – Machinedrum – [Planet Mu]
Fireflies – iTAL tEK – 9A – [Planet Mu]
Break It Down – DJ Roc – – [Planet Mu]
Baby – DJ Rashad – [Planet Mu]
Einstein-Rosen Bridge – Venetian Snares – [Planet Mu]
Argos – Plug – [Planet Mu]
Deep in My Soul – Bizzy B. – [Planet Mu]

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