JIMMY EDGAR is One Sexy MF (AKA Happy Belated Birthday) Mix (No Turn Unstoned #249)

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To celebrate Jimmy Edgar’s Birthday which was on August 10th, I had to create a mix of course. I’ve been wanting to do a Jimmy Edgar mix for a very, very long time now, but I always freak out when I want to do a mix for someone’s music I absolutely adore. It’s important that I take time to craft a mix in reverence to their music. Jimmy Edgar is no exception. He is one of my main musical men, alongside Prince, Luke Vibert, and Machinedrum. His music makes me feel, which is getting kind of hard to do lately in music. Where’s the soul? Where’s the funk? Look no further than Jimmy Edgar, one of the only contemporary artists still holding it down. So, we have got to celebrate his music and more importantly his existence.

Jimmy Edgar in my opinion is Prince’s direct successor for DMSR (Dance Music Sex Romance) since Prince is a jehovah’s witness now and refuses to perform his sexual lyrics anymore. Jimmy Edgar is definitely a student of the Minneapolis sound. I like how he strips it down to the essentials, keyboard funk and sexy whisphers, talking, etc. but also has cultivated his own sound at the same time.

So if you are a true Prince fan, it’s automatic. You’ll adore Jimmy Edgar’s music, too!

In the meantime, please support Jimmy Edgar by purchasing his music so he can keep doing what he does like no one else can.




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