The ESCOVEDO Family (No Turn Unstoned #173)

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In celebration of their brand new album, Now & Forever, this week’s show will feature the musical output and contributions of the members of the Escovedo family: Sheila E., Pete Escovedo, Coke Escovedo, Peter Michael Escovedo, and Juan Escovedo.

All Prince fans are salivating right about now. There have been several, landmark Prince associates’ releases all released within weeks of each other. So, I’ve decided to hijack my No Turn Unstoned radio show and do a trilogy of shows for Prince’s associates’ new releases.

This is the final show in the trilogy. Last Week’s show was in celebration of the Original 7ven’s (AKA The Time) new album, Condensate. The previous week’s show was in celebration of fDELUXE’s (AKA The Family) new album, Gaslight.

Next Sunday, No Turn Unstoned is taking a hiatus for the holiday season! We’ll be back the week of Dec. 4th.


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