Madhouse 16 podcast

After a long hiatus, the Prince & Prince-related Inside The Album crew is back to follow up the Madhouse 8 podcast with a podcast about Madhouse 16, Prince’s 1987 side project with saxophonist extraordinaire Eric Leeds! Join DJ Polished Solid, The Ricker, Love Man and Arthur Turnbull from The Music Snobs, Snobs on Film, and Entry Points podcasts as they delve into the follow up to Madhouse 8 in the same year.

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To hear part 1 of the conversation, the Madhouse 8 podcast, visit soundcloud:

or Stitcher (Madhouse 8 podcast):

To get even more context for the conversation, I highly recommend that you also listen to the Prince Flood podcast covering the smorgasboard of Prince and Prince-related output for 1987.

or Stitcher (Prince flood podcast):

Episode notes:

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